Tuesday, 27 May 2014


Creating Dialogue

Alice and Dorothy have been sitting outside by the porch for hours now. They've been in constant debate about which person had a more interesting life.
Their constant bickering have caused a lot of commotion throughout their neighborhood making people irritated.

"Alice, I already told you. My life is definitely the most interesting out of the two of us. I ended up in whole different world." Dorothy beamed.

"As did I! I had talking animals in mine and a weird looking cat!" Alice countered while crossing her arms.

"Well, I was blown by a twister with my house and I still managed to stay alive. Not to mention I had to put up with an evil witch." She argued.

Alice stood up and threw her hands up in the air, "We both had to face an evil villain. That doesn't make your life a lot better than mine. I shrunk for goodness sake!"

Unfortunately a random stranger couldn't take their argument any longer and had decided to butt into their conversation.

"Will you two stop it. You both had an interesting life. They were both magically. Each one of you has its advantages and disadvantages but at the end of the day you both pretty much experienced the same thing." The stranger pointed out.

The two young women looked shocked at this person's random outburst. They just continued to stare till the guy broke the silence again.

"Now go bake some cookies and be best friends again." He said smiling as he walked away.


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