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The Assistant- Character Overview/Summary

Ellisa Knight has never had the perfect life that she always planned it to be. Every decision she has made was out of impulse. Never thinking of the consequences of her actions, she leaves home and starts working at a run down restuarant in able to pay her bills. Though what happens when she finds herself as the new assistant of the heir of Maxfield Industry? 


Ellisa Cabral (aka. Ellie): The girl who never gives up. This five-foot-three; long black hair; and intelligent young women always gets what she wants. That is until she decided to leave home and everything behind. Ellisa is a very stubborn young lady in her early twenties, she is very opinionated and straight to the point. She graduated with a business degree only to have it disregard by her due to unknown reasons. 

Dmitri Maxfield: The heir to the Maxfield Industry, one of the largest companies in New York City. Dmitri is the typical tall; dark and handsome playboy. Though he gave up his playboy ways to focus on his career, the paparazzi can't seem to forget it. Everyday he reminds himself that love doesn't exist but what happens when it does? 

Janessa Smith (aka. Jane): Being best friends to the most stubborn person ever isn't always an easy job but this five-foot-six; blonde handled it without a sweat. Janessa is a very outgoing person, her bubbly personality keeps everyone at ease especially Ellie. This girl will do everything in her power to help her friend accomplish great things even if it means putting herself as second choice.

Alec Everdeen: The heir to Everdeen Corporation and Dmitri's biggest rival in everything. Alec is your everyday nice guy except for the fact that he's drop dead gorgeous and uses his looks to get everything he wants. 

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