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    Marina Bay Sands is situated on 15.5 hectares of land with the gross floor area of 581,000 square metres. The iconic design has transformed Singapore's skyline and tourism landscape since it opened on 27 April 2010

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    The Golden Gate Strait is the entrance to the San Francisco Bay from the Pacific Ocean.

  •  photo tumblr_mtbtjhPTcU1qggs6ao1_1280.jpg

    Japan has more types of cherry trees than any other country.

  • Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

  • Grace is the beauty of form under the influence of freedom.


Tuesday, 27 May 2014


Creating Dialogue

Alice and Dorothy have been sitting outside by the porch for hours now. They've been in constant debate about which person had a more interesting life.
Their constant bickering have caused a lot of commotion throughout their neighborhood making people irritated.

"Alice, I already told you. My life is definitely the most interesting out of the two of us. I ended up in whole different world." Dorothy beamed.

"As did I! I had talking animals in mine and a weird looking cat!" Alice countered while crossing her arms.

"Well, I was blown by a twister with my house and I still managed to stay alive. Not to mention I had to put up with an evil witch." She argued.

Alice stood up and threw her hands up in the air, "We both had to face an evil villain. That doesn't make your life a lot better than mine. I shrunk for goodness sake!"

Unfortunately a random stranger couldn't take their argument any longer and had decided to butt into their conversation.

"Will you two stop it. You both had an interesting life. They were both magically. Each one of you has its advantages and disadvantages but at the end of the day you both pretty much experienced the same thing." The stranger pointed out.

The two young women looked shocked at this person's random outburst. They just continued to stare till the guy broke the silence again.

"Now go bake some cookies and be best friends again." He said smiling as he walked away.

Friday, 23 May 2014


Field Trip

I was at the dentist today sitting in the waiting room as I waited to be called up, minding my own business when I heard the two front desk ladies talking. I was listening to their conversation quitely for about 20minutes until I was called up. At first I was hesitant at recording their conversation because they switched there topics pretty quickly but I did catch on as the time went by.

Depending on the topic that they're talking about and how they feel about the topic, their emotions are expressed in their conversation. If people have any disagreements with what they are discussing, the tone of there voices changes and so does the volume.

I can apply this to my writing by using what I observed as a guild line to write my very own dialogue. Dialogue expresses some many personalities as each person continues to converse. You can tell how they feel about certain things when they express their opinions and the way that the tone of their voice changes.

When more than two people are involved in the conversation, the topic expands and the varieties of opinions sway. The conversation either gets complicated or someone ends up feeling left out.

The thing that surprised me the most was even if people didn't agree with what someone has to say they still pretend to agree with them even though their facial expression and tone of there voice says otherwise.

I think the differences between written and spoken conversations is that written conversations are much harder to interpret due to how you have to imagine how certain things they said are discussed. As opposed to spoken conversations, you can tell right away because of their facial expression and the tone of their voice. Though they do share one thing in common and that is, both need tone in able to express one's personality.

Thursday, 22 May 2014


The Assistant- Character Overview/Summary

Ellisa Knight has never had the perfect life that she always planned it to be. Every decision she has made was out of impulse. Never thinking of the consequences of her actions, she leaves home and starts working at a run down restuarant in able to pay her bills. Though what happens when she finds herself as the new assistant of the heir of Maxfield Industry? 


Ellisa Cabral (aka. Ellie): The girl who never gives up. This five-foot-three; long black hair; and intelligent young women always gets what she wants. That is until she decided to leave home and everything behind. Ellisa is a very stubborn young lady in her early twenties, she is very opinionated and straight to the point. She graduated with a business degree only to have it disregard by her due to unknown reasons. 

Dmitri Maxfield: The heir to the Maxfield Industry, one of the largest companies in New York City. Dmitri is the typical tall; dark and handsome playboy. Though he gave up his playboy ways to focus on his career, the paparazzi can't seem to forget it. Everyday he reminds himself that love doesn't exist but what happens when it does? 

Janessa Smith (aka. Jane): Being best friends to the most stubborn person ever isn't always an easy job but this five-foot-six; blonde handled it without a sweat. Janessa is a very outgoing person, her bubbly personality keeps everyone at ease especially Ellie. This girl will do everything in her power to help her friend accomplish great things even if it means putting herself as second choice.

Alec Everdeen: The heir to Everdeen Corporation and Dmitri's biggest rival in everything. Alec is your everyday nice guy except for the fact that he's drop dead gorgeous and uses his looks to get everything he wants. 

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Ellisa Knight- 

Dmtri Maxfield- http://twitter.com/Maxfield_dmtri


The Assistant

I slammed my hands hard on my office desk as I stood up looking at my personal assistant. This has been the third time this week that she's messed up on a multimillion dollar contract not to mention I always have to repeat myself several times till she can actually do something right. Now, you must be wondering. Why in the world would I hire someone who's incapable of doing anything right? That's simple. She's a very attractive young women. She had the body structure of a model; her hair was golden brown and she had the most defined face making her look as if she was sculpted by the gods.
"Alexis, how many times do I have to tell you to always double check these documents? You cost us millions again!!" I yelled.
"I- I- I'm sorry....Mr. Maxfield. I promise it won't happen again." She replied while playing with her hands.
"Damn right it won't happen again, I'm sorry Alexis but you're fired." I said calmly.
"You can't fire me!! I slept with you to get this position, you promised me that you'd go public with our relationship." She pointed out.
I knew this wasn't going to end very well. Alexis and I weren't really dating, I was very intoxicated one night and things got a little out of hand. I would never sleep with my employees nor would I have any relationship with them. It was too much trouble. I glanced towards her and noticed that she had her hands in a tight fist almost cutting off her circulation. If I didn't know any better she would have punched me by now. As soon as she stood up she started pacing in my office , I can almost see steam coming out of her ears.

I sighed rubbing my temples, "You and I both know that I wasn't in the right of mind that night. It wasn't suppose to happen."

"Wasn't suppose to happen? You know what! I quit you selfish jerk! Have fun with your life Mr.Maxfield." Alex yelled angrily as she slammed my door.

I flopped down on my chair as she stormed out but before she can even walk out I replied quietly to her outburst right under my breath. "You were already fired to begin with."

Chapter 1

Have you ever had one of those days where you just feel like everything you do is a complete failure? Well, I feel like that every single day and why shouldn't I? I was broke with no money to pay off my apartment; there was zero food in my fridge; I had like 3 pairs of jeans not to mention I worked at this run down restuarant which is starting to fall apart. 

"Hello I'm Ellie! I'll be your server today. Can I start you guys off with something to drink?" I smiled as I asked the guy who I labeled as 'Trouble' during my several encounters with him. This guy was the definition of a jerk, I swear I see him bring a different girl in here every time and to make matters worst, he's always trying to hit on me.

"Yes. Can I get you to go? Just kidding. We would like a bottle of your wine." He replied as he smirked. 

See what I mean? I had to deal with this everyday . I started to scribble down on my notepad and headed towards the staff room. 

"Ellie, did you get Mr.Charmer today again?" My friend Jane asked as I looked for the bottle of Marlow.

"There is nothing charming about a guy who brings a different girl here every night or one who hits on his server while on a date." I argued. 

"Yeah, yeah. But he is still pretty good looking. Have you found a new job yet? I heard Maxfield Industry is hiring this month. I don't know what position though but I'm pretty sure you're qualified for it. You're qualified for anything with that business degree of yours!" She gleamed. 

I felt hesitant at first considering I didn't really feel like working with a 'big shot' like Dmitri Maxfield. All the gossips and rumours surrounding his life was too much to handle, especially for a women like myself with a very short temper. "Ugh, where do I sign up?"

"Actually, I already handed in your application a week ago. You got called back for an interview today at 4." She replied quietly.

"JANESSA!! Why did you do that? You know how I feel whenever you go behind my back and do things like this." I countered as I looked at her curiously.

" Aweeh, come on Ellie! It's not like you can say 'no' to this anyway. Plus you know I only did this for your well being. You're working at a run down restuarant being a broke hermit when you can be earning thousands living in a nice apartment." She whined as she gave me her famous puppy dog look. 

"Alright! You win. I'll go! But what ti- . . . Oh my gosh! It's already 2:20. I have to get ready now and look presentable. You'll cover my shift right? Of course you will. You planned this all." I didn't even wait for Jane's reply and rushed out of the restuarant like a mad women. I can feel the customers staring at me as I ran out. My apartment was just around the block meaning it was only a short distance to get there. 

I took my keys out of my pocket and started heading up the staircase up to the second floor. As soon as my front doors opened I bolted into my room like I was on a mission. I needed to find an outfit fast. After a long battle in my closet I was finally able to decide on an outfit. It was a casual look. A black high waisted skirt with buttons on the side; adding on a white v-neck cut long sleeve shirt with a few accessories. I glanced quickly at myself in and then at my watch, twenty more minutes before my interview. Glancing one last time in the mirror, I took a quick breath. "Well, here goes nothing."

Chapter 2

I was waiting patiently in the lobby by the front desk with several other participants when I heard my name get called from a far. "Miss Ellisa Knight" the man in very proper attire called out. I stood up and started to walk towards him. Okay Ellie, this is your chance to shine. Just take a deep breath and relax. This is all you, no one else. He gestured for me to step inside the elevator as he pressed the twenty-six. The man didn't say a word the whole ride up and in all honesty, it was probably the most nerve wrecking experience ever. I was suddenly cut off by a loud noise indicating that we've arrived on the top floor. 

Stepping out of it I followed the man towards another front desk where a girl sat by the computer. She looked like she was in her mid twenties with her long blonde locks and bright brown eyes, surpringsly I didn't get any bad vibes from her. 

Noticing our presence she finally looks up and smiles, "Good afternoon Mr.Clay! Mr.Maxfield is waiting in his office for Ms.Knight." 

"Thanks Alice! We'll be on our way then." He replied. 

Following him down the hall I noticed a lot of offices till we finally reached a huge door that assumed belonged to my future boss. 

"Here we are Miss Knight, goodluck on your interview." He beamed.

I took a deep breath before opening the door. Don't get me wrong, I am a very confident person but when it comes down to one on one interviews I tend to always mess up. I get too nervous that I end up rambling on about things that don't even make any sense. 

Taking a step in the room, I noticed how spacious and tidy it was. Everything was so spotless that you can almost see your own reflection on the appliances . 

"Please take a seat Ms.Knight." A voice said from the corner of the room. 

I was squinting my eyes the whole time due to the bright reflection of the sun. It was hard trying to take a good look at the man in front of me but I managed to when he sat down in his chair. Though before taking his seat, he introduced himself.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Ms.Knight. I'm Dmitri Maxfield. I must say, your resume is quite incredible." 

I was trying not to gawk at him as he spoke. He really was a piece of art to look at. Standing at approximately 6'1 he can definitely pass for a model. His eyes were so blue that every time you make contact with them you get lost in his eyes. Focus Ellie, focus! 

"P-p- ..Pleasure is all mine. In all honesty I really didn't send that application in. My best friend did." I stated truthfully.

"Well she was a clever to do so. You met all the requirements in being my Personal Assistant." He smiled as he gave me his reply.

"Wait, are you telling me that I'm hired?" I asked curiously.

"That's exactly what I'm trying to say Ms.Knight." He nodded.

I couldn't believe this, he hasn't even asked me any questions yet and I'm already hired. Before I could even finish my thought he stated, "Don't worry about the question part of the interview. I already did a whole background check on you and asked your employeer about you too. So, welcome to the team Ms.Knight!" 

"Please. Call me Ellie Mr.Maxfield." I said shyly.

"Only if you call me Dmitri." He replied.

Chapter 3

I couldn't believe this young women was my new PA. She was the definition of beauty itself and I have never once felt so attracted to anyone in my life. She was different. She wasn't like the other girls I interviewed that day, she didn't try to flirt with me or fall head over heels in love with me as soon as she saw me. Instead, she was calm and had been very polite. Not like my old PA's, they made me feel like fresh meat waiting to get devoured by a hungry lion.

Ellie has been working for me for 6 months now and not once has she messed up like Alexis did. She did everything on time that sometimes I don't even have to stay up late in my office anymore. She's made my life a lot easier and I think she's the 'one' I've been looking for all my life. The only problem is, I have no clue how to approach her about my feelings. 

"Dmitri, you have a meeting at 4 today and a family dinner at 8. Your mother also left you a message saying you need to buy a cake but I already did that. All you have to do is pick it up." Ellie said as she walked in my office.

"Thanks Ellie. Umm, I have a question. Don't take this as a joke though because I'm being serious. " I stated seriously. 

"Will you go on a date with me?" 

Before she could even give me a reply she ran into my door. I don't know how that happend but that was pretty funny. Ellisa rubbed her fore head and tried pulling herself up from the impact. I ran to her side and gave her a hand.

"Stupid door." She hissed. 

"Hey now, don't get mad at the door you're the one who ran into it." I joked. 

"Yeah yeah, laugh all you want." She said.

"So about that date?" I smirked looking down at her as I was still holding her up. 

"I'd love too." 


Chapter 5

Our first date was a huge success and so were several others but what made it more interesting is that I found out why Ellie continued to work at that run down restuarant. Ellie was the daughter of the famous model and fashion designer Claire Knight. I should have known but the Knight family have always kept their sons or daughters identity hidden for several reasons. Not only is her my famous but her father owned the second largest company in America next to the Maxfields. They were our biggest competition before we signed a contract with each other. 

I haven't officially asked Ellie to be my girlfriend yet because I wanted to make it special. That's why today, I told everyone to tell her that I was on the Maxfield building's rooftop trying to commit suicide because of financial issues. I ordered everyone to act like it was really making it look believable. 

"Dmitri, this is not the answer to your problems. Can you please come down from there? For me?" She pleaded. 

I was standing on the ledge of the building looking down. 

"No Ellie, this is the only way. I messed up the account. I can't bare to be responsible for all those people losing their jobs. " I said dramatically as I took another closer step by the ledge. 

"No! Don't!" She was crying now. I felt bad for doing this but it'll be all worth it in the end I hope. 

"I love you. Don't forget that." I jumped off the ledges and let myself fall from the Maxfield building. I can hear Ellie screaming before she noticed that I was laying in a huge bouncing mattress that caught my fall. As she stared down from the building she saw a huge message that said, "Elissa Knight, will you be my girlfriend?" 

By now she had a megaphone handed to her by my secretary Mr.Clay. She yelled loud and clear before walking away, "You jerk!!!!" 

I stared in disbelief. I just jumped twenty-six floors for this women only to have myself rejected by her. I can't believe this. I thought she loved me more than that. I was completely lost in my own thoughts that I didn't even notice someone rushing towards me to give me a hug. 

I snapped out of my thoughts and smiled. 
"I hate you but I love you at the same time, don't do that again!" She cried on my shoulders. 

"So is that a yes?" I asked. 


Sunday, 11 May 2014


Quick Write #3


Visual Writting Prompts- So what?

I think the main concept of this picture is that, no matter where we are in the world or universe we are all similar in some ways. Though we can differentiate from each other, we still share common similaries such as the need for love and acceptance.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014


Quick Write- Worst/Best Food

I honestly think the worst food would be the "4 raw-inch-live worm". I can't believe people in La Cafetiere in Alice Springs actually eat them alive and still squirming in their soup. I can just imagine how gross the texture would be and how rubbery they'd be. I don't think my stomach would be able to handle them very well if I actually had the confidence to eat one but with that being said, " Gelato" would be the best food in my book. Having to be able to eat them in many different flavors and having different varieties of flavors presented by different countries is amazing. You get a little taste of each country from every "Gelato" you taste.

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