Friday, 7 March 2014


Photo Scavenger Hunt

*Read up to down from each column.

Love; The first photo was taken with my sister and my niece on Halloween last year. They decided to cheer me up by giving me half of their candy that day. 
Hate; I honestly can't stand snakes. Their scales and texture creep me out a lot. If I ever saw one I would most likely run away crying.
Friendship; This is a photo of Alex and I. A lot of people find our friendship odd due to the fact that she dated my ex-boyfriend and I disliked her a lot at that time but surprisingly, she became my one of my bestfriends. 
Symbolism; This is a Japanese letter symbol of "Love". I plan on getting this as a tattoo to be a reminder that I should love myself first before loving someone else. 
Black and White;  My bestfriend and I took this picture a year ago during the summer when she practically lived in my house. We do everything together and to be honest, she's more like a sister to me than a bestfriend.
Passion; I am very passionate about music. I play my guitar a lot, especially when I feel like I need to shut everyone out and just think about myself for a second. 
Talent; A lot of people say that I'm a very good singer, so I do consider singing as my hidden talent.
Family; A huge collage of pictures being hungup in my bedroom wall. I made this collage a couple of years back with memories of the past for my whole family.
Confession; I am obsessed with make-up palettes and most of them I don't even use because I just want to have it. 


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