Monday, 28 April 2014


Mid Semester Reflection


(1) Six Word Memoirs
I think finding the pictures was the easiest part and was probably the thing that went well with this assignment. The difficult task was trying to find the right words to go along with it because you wouldn't want something completely random to go with the pictures especially if it doesn't make any sense. I learned that trying to express a picture within 6 words is not a very easy thing to do especially if those moments were memorable.

Grade: A

(2) IGNITE presentations
**Still working on it**

(3) Blogging
It's easier to keep the things on my blog on track due to the power of technology. I find it easier to upload things quicker when I'm missing class because I can almost do everything I missed that class on my phone and upload it in a matter of minutes. I occasionally visit my fellow classmates blog to see how they did a certain assignment to help me keep on track on what I have to do. I love posting personal thoughts because it shows other people what I like and how I think about certain things or situations.
Grade: A

(4) Connecting & Engaging
I try to participate in class discussions like commenting on other peoples blog and stating my opinions and questions about their post. It would be so much easier for me if I attended class because I would be able to participate more in class and share my own thoughts with the entire class.
Grade: B

(5) Goals
1. Try to attend class regularly
2. Finish the 3 missing assignments
3. Get atleast an 85%?


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