Tuesday, 6 May 2014


Quick Write- Eden

To me, my eden would be the "preternatural" world where all mythical creatures and anything beyond that exist. It's always nice to imagine that mythical creatures such as unicorns; vampires; dragons; witches; fairies etc...may actually come in contact with the human race. It is intriguing that if a place like this does exist all those old folklore stories about them and what they seem to be can be nothing but a dream come true. First of all, these mythical creatures would most likely be magically. They would be able to make the things that are impossible, possible. Secondly, the places they would be living in would probably be nothing like we'd imagined. You'd see them living in this whole different dimension, completely different than ours. Where the clouds aren't blue but "magenta"; where everything seems to sparkle as the sun's ray hits every corners of their world; where every mythical creature has their own Royal Families and rules to abide by; and where water seems to be the most purest blue you'vr ever seen in your life. Lastly, this place would be dipping into your own imagination and being able to step in a world full of things that you never expected to actually exist. A place filled with nothing but pure magic.


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